Key Concepts About Using the What's New Page

On the What's New page, you can find updates and new information on the survey, including the newly released data files that have been added to the NHANES website. The What's New link is an important resource for staying updated with current information about the survey. It is an important link to refer to on a periodic basis.

The What's New page is organized in descending order by months. Currently, about 8-12 months of updates and new releases are listed on this page. This page is updated continuously as new information becomes available.

Information in the most recent months  is listed under one of three headings:

Updated listings also include notes about the changes made to the files, and in some cases a complete listing of all the previous changes made to the file can be found at a "More..." link. Reviewing these changes will help you determine if your analysis will be affected because a data file you downloaded previously has been updated.

The What's New page also has an archive where previous listings are kept.


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