Key Concepts About Consulting NHANES III Documentation

This task focuses on the Data File Item description, codes, counts and notes section of the documentation. You may want to consult all of these to finish gathering background information on your variables.

This documentation section lists all the variables in the data file and includes the

The frequency count for each variable item in the data file can be used to verify the sample size for a particular data item. 

The notes section contains important information about a number of variables and should be consulted whenever a variable has a flag " see notes" or " notes" .  These notes are located at the bottom of the end of this documentation section and are organized in the same order as the variables appear earlier in the section. The notes will tell you how some variables might be derived or recoded, important information about how the data was collected, and precise explanations of what information the variable encompasses.

For example, in the previous task you noted that there were two cholesterol variables TCP and CHP. Reading the Notes in the data documentation, you will find that the TCP variable is the appropriate variable to use.


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