Task 5: Key Concepts About Finding Other Useful Information Within the NHANES Website

The following sections of the NHANES website provide other information that will be valuable to you as you prepare and conduct your analyses.


What's New page

The “What's New” page is an important resource for staying updated with current information about the survey. Currently, about 8-12 months of updates and new releases are listed on this page. This page is updated continuously as new information becomes available. It's a good idea to periodically visit this page to see whether your analysis will be affected because of new or updated data files.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pertaining to each survey cycle are provided within each cycle's Data Sets and Related Documentation link.  These FAQ sections will help you with common questions about NHANES, such as:


NHANES Institutional Review Board Approval

The NHANES website provides information that researchers need to document the NHANES Institutional Review Board approval in their proposals.  It also provides a suggested citation for NHANES data and supplies keywords for manuscripts using NHANES data that are submitted for publication.


Help by Email

The NHANES website also provides two additional resources for researchers who need assistance.  These are the NCHS email query system and the NHANES listserv.


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