Interactive Data Tools and Query Systems

NCHS provides users selected health estimates through specialized data access tools. These tools remove the need to process data files to obtain the measurements. Some tools access pre-tabulated data that are quickly accessed and might be otherwise not available due to confidentiality concerns. Other tools provide customized results through on the fly tabulations of micro-data, which provide immediate results without needing to know statistical software and may use restricted data otherwise available only after a written project proposal is approved.


NHCS # (ED-only) * *
NVSS-deaths * * # §
NVSS-births * * §
NSFG * *
NHIS * *

* Select pre-tabulated estimates
# Limited query system
§ Extensive query system


Multi-data system tools


The Health Indicators WarehouseExternal serves as a federal data hub for measurable characteristics that describe health (such as life expectancy, mortality, disease incidence or prevalence); determinants of health (such as health behaviors and factors, physical environments, and socioeconomic environments); and health care access, quality, and use. Indicators from over 175 different data sources are included in this tool. Of note is the ability to download the health-related indicators in CSV files or to access the underlying data through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API). While many of the indicators currently in the HIW are also included in Healthy People 2020 (below), the HIW also includes over 200 indicators available at the county level and about 300 at the state level.


Healthy PeopleExternal provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Healthy People objective data search can be used to find the pre-tabulated estimates for all measurable Healthy People 2020 objectives. Data can be viewed in tables and charts, and the disparities between population groups can be graphically displayed. Finding health indicators may require knowing the Healthy People topic areas.


CDC WONDER is used to query many CDC data sources, including NCHS birth and death data. WONDER utilizes a rich ad-hoc query system for the analysis of public health data. Results can be downloaded, or accessed through an API. Almost all of the medical and demographic characteristics obtained on the birth and death certificates can be used to create customized output.

WONDER can also be used to obtain data from Healthy People 2010, the federal initiative to increase the health of the US population between 2000 and 2010. Data2010 is an interactive database system that contains the monitoring data for tracking Health People 2010 objectives.


Single data system tools


NCHS Data Online Query System (DOQS) provides dynamically generated statistical tables, charts, and graphs from the National Health Care Surveys. Currently available only for Emergency Department visit data, this query system allows users create estimated number, percent distribution, and rates of health care visits by various medical and demographic characteristics. Results can be output to Excel files for further use, if desired. The query system is limited to items collected similarly over time and will create reliable estimates.


WISQARS is an interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data, including NCHS mortality data. This query tool can create customized reports of injury by intent and mechanism, within selected geographical locations and age, sex, and race/ethnicity groups. It can also produce leading cause of death charts by demographic group and maps of injury death rates. The Cost of Injury module provides estimated medical and work loss costs to highlight the burden of injury. WISQARS offers a wide variety of output delivery options, as results are presented in tabular format, or with colorful charts, graphs, or maps. Each of the modules also feature data export options into an Excel spreadsheet.


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