Pan American Health Organization

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The Center Head of the North American WHO-FIC Collaborating Center and the Director of ISP provide Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) with input from the United States regarding issues related to health statistics and classification. The NACC Centre Head participates in the America’s Family of International Classifications (FIC) Collaborating Centers Network and serves as an observer at meetings of the Regional Advisory Committee. The Centre Head also liaises with PAHO on activities of the WHO-FIC Network Education and Implementation Committee and has facilitated mortality training by NCHS Division of Vital Statistics for countries in the English-speaking Caribbean. The ISP serves as a liaison for PAHO to various NCHS individuals, projects, and health data sources, including mortality data for the United States, which is then provided to WHO headquarters. The Division of Vital Statistics provides an annual data file on mortality in the United States to PAHO, including information on cause of death. PAHO transmits this data to WHO Headquarters for inclusion in WHO Headquarters’ international mortality database. The ISP Director serves as a member of the PAHO Regional Advisory Committee on Health Statistics, which meets every few years to discuss health statistics issues of concern to member countries.

Page last reviewed: November 6, 2015