International Visitor Program

The International Visitor Program (IVP) is the traditional mechanism used by NCHS staff to receive foreign and local visitors into NCHS facilities. IVP receives visitors that have an interest in learning more about NCHS programs, seeking technical assistance, or pursuing international work collaborations with NCHS staff.

The logistics of IVP are prepared by ISP staff, and the average length of time for the program is 1 working day. In advance of the visit, prospective visitors are asked their interest in specific NCHS programs or activities, and as part of IVP form, they are required to design the content of the visitor program.

Program Requirements

International visitors must:

  • Complete and submit the provided PDF form (see below) at least 4 weeks before their expected visit, so ISP staff can: 1) initiate the authorization process to allow foreign-visitor physical access to CDC and NCHS facilities, 2) create a draft program tailored to the visitor’s research needs, and 3) identify NCHS staff that can properly address the visitor’s research enquiries.
  • Complete the online CDC Visitor Management request form, which is provided to the visitor after his or her identification; complete name and functional email is provided to ISP staff.
  • Currently working with a recognized government, nongovernment, nonprofit or academic institution.
  • Speak English fluently. However, certain arrangements can be made for having an interpreter onsite.


International Visitor Program – Archive

The IVP archive page contains a repository of the final agendas and selected pictures of previous international programs hosted at NCHS.