Participants in the North American Collaborating Center


Ms. Donna Pickett
Head of the Collaborating Center
Chief, Classifications and Public Health Data Standards Staff (CPHDSS)
Office of the Center Director, NCHS

Ms. Traci Ramirez
CPHDSS, NCHS, Assistant to the Center Head

ICD Mortality

  • Dr. Robert N. Anderson
    Division of Vital Statistics (DVS), NCHS, Mortality Statistics and Classification
  • Ms. Tyringa Crawford
    DVS, NCHS, Mortality Classification and Training
  • Dr. Donna Hoyert
    DVS, NCHS, Mortality Statistics, Mortality Reference Group
  • Jeff Latimer
    Statistics Canada, Mortality Statistics and Classification
  • Valerie Gaston
    Statistics Canada, Mortality Statistics and Classification
  • Ms. Patricia Wood
    Statistics Canada, Mortality Classification and Training

ICD Morbidity

  • Ms. Donna Pickett
    CPHDSS, NCHS, Morbidity Classification and Applications
  • Ms. Mea Renahan
    Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Clinical Data Standards and Quality
  • Ms. Lori Moskal
    CIHI, Morbidity Classification
  • Ms. Karen Carvell
    CIHI, Classifications and Terminologies
  • David Berglund, M.D., MPH,
    Medical Officer, CPHDSS, morbidity classification, terminology and informatics


  • Dr. John Hough
    CPHDSS, NCHS, Disability Statistics and Classification
  • Ms. Diane Caulfeild
    CIHI, Disability Data and Classification

Other staff within NCHS, Statistics Canada and CIHI support specific activities of NACC as part of their responsibilities for classification, standards, and statistics.