National Health Care Surveys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Temporary Shutdown of the NHCS Registry Portal

The National Health Care Surveys (NHCS) Registry Portal (i.e., Registry) will temporarily shutdown on November 16, 2020 for technical repairs to enhance functionality. Please refer to the questions & answers (Q&As) below for Registry Portal guidance. The NHCS Registry Portal Acronyms and Definitions Key located on (page 4) is included below to assist in providing clarity on the terms used throughout this document.

NHCS Registry Portal Acronyms & Definitions Key

NHCS National Health Care Surveys
Registry NHCS Registry Portal
NPI National Provider Identifier
SAMS Secure Access Management Services
AAEVD Annual Active Engagement Verification Documentation
MIPS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
PI Promoting Interoperability
CY Calendar Year
AAEVD Annual Active Engagement Verification Documentation


Registrar The person that registers registrants. Currently, registrars must have a
SAMS accounts.
Profile Information about a registrar.
Registrant(s) A group, provider, or a hospital that has been registered by a
Historical Registrant(s) Registrants that were previously engaging the NHCS Registry Portal
and are not currently associated with a registrar.
Registration(s) A registration is a collection of registrants.
Spreadsheet Contains all registrations for a registrar.
Page last reviewed: November 23, 2020