NCHS Data Linkage

Public-Use NCHS-CMS Medicaid Feasibility Files

To maximize the use of the restricted-use linked NCHS-CMS Medicaid files, NCHS has created publicly available NCHS-CMS Medicaid Feasibility Study data files that can be downloaded directly from this website.

The feasibility files provide a limited set of variables that can be used to determine the maximum available sample size for each linked file. These files are especially useful to researchers considering whether to initiate a RDC proposal to analyze the restricted-use linked NCHS-CMS Medicaid files.

Each feasibility file is NCHS survey and survey year specific. The following information is included on each feasibility study file:

  • NCHS survey public-use identifier
  • Survey participant eligibility status for CMS Medicaid linkage
  • Final match status
  • Other variables indicating the specific CMS Medicaid data files that are available for each successfully linked survey participants

It is important to note that the feasibility study files do not contain any specific information about CMS Medicaid benefits. Consequently, data users will need to consider external sources to approximate the number of respondents with a specific condition.

For more information about accessing the Medicare restricted-use data, please consult the Restricted-Use NCHS-CMS Medicaid Data page.


Data Dictionary and Data Files

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