Vital Signs: Hepatitis C Testing - Media Resources

Today, and in conjunction with Hepatitis Awareness Month, CDC released a new study in Vital Signs identifying another key challenge in combatting the severe threat of hepatitis C – the lack of essential follow-up testing to detect current infection, which is needed to link those infected to lifesaving care and treatment.

The new data find that only half of those identified as ever having had hepatitis C in a multi-area study received follow-up testing showing they were still infected. The results also further underscore the severe impact that hepatitis C has among baby boomers (those born from 1945 through 1965).

Hepatitis Awareness Month, as well as National Hepatitis Testing Day on May 19, provides an important opportunity to raise awareness about this hidden epidemic. This page offers a number of resources to assist with your coverage of this critical public health issue.

Page last reviewed: May 7, 2013