About ELC Program H

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The goal of the vector-borne ELC program is to build sustainable, locally relevant programs to identify, prevent, and respond to vector-borne disease threats. ELC is a closed, five-year funding cycle.

Funding Strategy

Current fiscal year funding and awards from prior years can be found on the ELC website.

Funds are intended to support building a comprehensive vector-borne disease program based on a three-tiered approach that focuses on the most relevant vector-borne diseases in a jurisdiction.

  • Tier 1 activities are the required core capacities for locally-relevant vector-borne disease surveillance, laboratory, and response.
  • Tier 2 activities are enhanced capacities for vector-borne disease laboratory testing, surveillance, or response across a sub-set of jurisdictions.
  • Tier 3 activities are comprehensive capacities to serve as reference centers for vector-borne disease laboratory testing, and surveillance, response, and coordination with multiple external partners.