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EHS-Net Publications by Citation

This page lists EHS-Net food safety publications in citation format. CDC authors are noted in bold. EHS-Net articles by grantees are also included but may not have a CDC coauthor.

Bogard A, Fuller C, Radke V, Selman C, Smith K. Ground beef handling and cooking practices in restaurants in eight states. [PDF – 318 KB] J Food Prot. 2013;76(12):2132-40.

Brown LG, Hoover R, Ripley D, Matis B, Nicholas D, Hedeen N, et al. Retail deli slicer cleaning frequency — six selected sites, United States, 2012. MMWR. 2016;65(12):306-10.

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Brown LG. EHS-Net restaurant food safety studies: what have we learned? [PDF – 220 KB] [commentary] J Environ Health. 2013;75(7):44-5.

Brown LG, Le B, Wong MR, Reimann D, Nicholas D, Faw B, et al. Restaurant manager and worker food safety certification and knowledge. [PDF – 485 KB] J Foodborne Pathog Dis. 2014;11(11):835-43.

Brown LG, Ripley D, Blade H, Reimann D, Everstine K, Nicholas D, et al. Restaurant food cooling practices. [PDF – 435 KB] J Food Prot. 2012;75(12):2172-8. [EHS-Net Working Group]

Carpenter L, Green A, Norton D, Frick R, Tobin-D’Angelo M, Reimann D, et al. Food worker experiences with and beliefs about working while ill. [PDF – 157 KB] J Food Prot. 2013;76(12):2146-54. doi:10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-13-128. [Brown LG, Le B]

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Coleman E, Delea K, Everstine K, Reimann D, Ripley D, the EHS-Net Working Group. Handling practices of fresh leafy greens in restaurants: receiving and training. [PDF – 165 KB] J Food Prot. 2013;76(12):2126-31.

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Wong MR, McKelvey W, Ito K, Schiff C, Jacobson JB, Kass D. Impact of a letter-grade program on restaurant sanitary conditions and diner behavior in New York City. Am J Public Health. 2015;105(3):e81-7