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R Programs for Various Growth Charts

In addition to this SAS program, there are several R packages and functions that calculate percentiles and z-scores from the CDC, WHO, and other growth charts:

cdcanthro: An R Package on GitHub for the CDC growth charts that includes the updated (Dec 15, 2022) calculations for percentiles and z-scores among children with obesity.

whoanthro: An R Package on GitHub for the WHO growth charts.

There are also several R packages and functions on CRAN that calculate z-scores and percentiles from various growth charts:

anthro: WHO z-scores and percentiles

childsds: Calculation of standard deviation (z) scores and percentiles based on different standards (including WHO, UK, Germany, Italy, China, and the U.S.). See the function, sds. Note that the calculations in this package do not include the Dec 15, 2022 CDC growth chart calculations for children with obesity.

There are 2 functions, ob_convertr and ob_convertr2, in the Sitar package [PDF-280KB] that are very useful in converting overweight and obesity prevalence between the CDC, WHO, and IOTF growth charts.

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