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Social Media Library

Below are some examples of social media messages that you can use.

#1in33 Facts

Simply plug in your state and selected statistics to customize your messages.

In the U.S., a baby is born w/ a birth defect every 4.5 minutes. In [State], birth defects affect [Number] babies each year. #1in33

1 in 33 babies are born with a birth defect in the United States, that’s [Number] in [State] each year. #1in33

[State Program] works to raise awareness about birth defects so that every baby may be born with the best health possible. #1in33

Birth defects are costly. During [YYYY]-[YY], total hospital costs for newborns with a birth defect in [State] were about $[$$]. #1in33

As a group, heart defects are the most common birth defects. In [State], [Number] babies are born with a heart defect each year. #1in33

Want to learn more about major birth defects in [State]? Check out March of Dimes Peristats website! #1in33

Check out data on major birth defects in [State], now available on March of Dimes Peristats website. #1in33

Preconception Health

Share tips about getting healthy before becoming pregnant.

Pregnant or trying to conceive? Here are steps you can take to help prevent birth defects & help you have a healthy baby: #1in33

Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Talk w/ your doctor about medicines you’re taking. #1in33

Want to get pregnant? Talk w/ your doctor about getting healthy before pregnancy—preconception health. #1in33 [Or link to State’s preconception health webpage]

Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Quitting smoking can help protect you & your baby. #1in33

Dangers of smoking during pregnancy include certain birth defects & infant death. [LOCAL RESOURCE] can help: Link. #1in33

Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with cleft lip/palate. For tips on quitting, visit [LOCAL RESOURCE] #1in33

If you’re overweight or obese, plan your pregnancy & work toward a healthy weight before pregnancy. #1in33

Preconception health tip: If you have diabetes, work to control your blood sugar before & during pregnancy. #1in33

A flu shot can protect a woman & her baby from flu. It’s safe to get anytime in pregnancy. #1in33

There’s no known safe amount of alcohol use in pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant—it’s not worth the risk. #1in33

[Or link to State’s alcohol resources]