Birth Defects Awareness Month Social Media

At a glance

  • This January and throughout the year, join CDC to share messages to raise awareness about birth defects.
  • Let's help improve the health of people living with these conditions and widen the available network of support.
A group of children and caregivers with their arms around each other watching the sunset.

Sample messages

Every 4.5 minutes a baby is born with a birth defect. Help us raise awareness for these conditions this January during #BirthDefects Awareness Month. From pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence, to adulthood—#EveryJourneyMatters!

Achieving the best possible health will look different for different people, but a community of support can help people no matter what health experiences they are navigating. Explore CDC's tips to connect with your local community during this #BirthDefects Awareness Month. #EveryJourneyMatters

As young adults living with birth defects grow older, they begin taking on more responsibilities, like becoming more independent and taking care of their own health. Together, families can help individuals with birth defects receive the care and services they need to be healthy, active, and as independent as possible. #EveryJourneyMatters

Many children living with #BirthDefects require care from a variety of specialists. Coordination of care helps families work with their healthcare team to navigate care. #EveryJourneyMatters

Dear soon-to-be moms: Start your parenting journey by taking steps to help you and your baby be as healthy as you can be! Learn about the healthy behaviors you can adopt. #EveryJourneyMatters