Milestones in Action

Milestones in Action photo and video library - a FREE library of photos and videos of developmental milestones.
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Using Milestones in Action
Parents and Caregivers

Click on an age above to see photo and video examples of important developmental milestones.

  • Use this library as an aid in completing the milestone checklist for your child’s age.
  • Complete an interactive milestone checklist that features videos and images from this library with CDC’s free Milestone Tracker app.

No permissions are needed to use the photos and images in this library for educational or awareness-building purposes.

  • Embed and share photos and videos on your website and within presentations
  • Implement a training inspired by Promising Practices, using photos and videos as a support.
  • Use Milestones in Action  to support observations and conversations with parents on age-appropriate milestones
  • Share photos and videos on social media to build community awareness of developmental milestones
Sharing Milestones in Action
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