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Talk, read, sing and play with your child every day. CDC’s amazing books can help! Amazing Me, Soy Maravilloso (en Español), Where is Bear?, and ¿Dónde Está Osito? (en Español), are fun for children and show you what to look for as your child grows.

Amazing Me – It’s Busy Being 3!

Meet Joey, an amazing 3-year-old kangaroo who is very excited about all he can do now that he is three. Joey doesn’t know it, but these amazing things are called developmental milestones, and they’re a very important part of each child’s growth.

Parents, this book for children ages 2-3 will show you what to look for as your child grows and develops. Whether you read this story to your child online or have a hard copy of the book, ask your child to find the koala bears. Each page with a koala bear also has a star and milestone at the bottom just for you. See if your 3-year-old is able to do some of the same things as Joey.

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Download the book as a PDF Cdc-pdf[29 MB, 38 Pages, 508] Also available in Spanish: Soy Maravilloso Cdc-pdf[6 MB, 38 Pages, Print Only]

Download these amazing coloring pages Cdc-pdf[381 KB, 6 Pages, Print Only]

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Also be sure to go to the end of the book or click here to find:

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Where is Bear? – A Terrific Tale for 2-Year-Olds

Where is Bear cover

“Where is Bear?”  is a terrific tale for 2-year-old children and their parents! This interactive book encourages children to help Tiger and his forest friends in their search to find Bear. Parents, with each turn of the page, your child will get closer to finding him and you will learn about many important milestones to look for in your child. Look for the leaf at the bottom of each page and your own 2-year-old’s milestone moments!

Download the book as a PDF Cdc-pdf[27 MB, 11 Pages, Print Only]. Also available in Spanish: ¿Dónde Está Osito? Cdc-pdf[27 MB, 11 Pages, Print Only]

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Be sure to review the milestone checklist and helpful parenting tips at the end of the book or click below to find:

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