What to Do While You Wait to See a Developmental Specialist

Parents reading to kids

Unfortunately, families may have to wait many weeks or sometimes months before they are able to get an appointment to see a specialist or start intervention services for their child’s developmental problem. This can be a frustrating time for parents who want answers and help now.

If you find yourself in this situation, know that there are some simple things you can do today and everyday to help your child’s development.

Make the Most of Playtime

Interact with your child as much as possible. Read books, sing songs, play with toys, make crafts, do household chores, and play outside together. Talk to your child: label items, point out interesting things, tell stories, comment about what you see and how you feel, and explain how things work and why things happen. Your child may not always seem to be listening, but he or she may be hearing more than you think.

Tips to Make the Most of Playtime

Find Support

Reach out. You are not alone. To find support and information for your family, visit the Family Voices website or call 1-888-835-5669.