Learn about mumps using a variety of media.

Close-up of Dr. Cristina Cardemil, MD, with a CDC logo in the background

Would You Recognize Mumps?

CDC Expert Commentary: Would You Recognize Mumps?
CDC’s Dr. Cristina Cardemil, MD, describes how to recognize, diagnose, and prevent mumps.


Two adults with puffy cheeks and three others with swollen jaws because of mumps.

Infographic: Adults Get Mumps Too!
This infographic depicts how adults can protect themselves against mumps.
Spanish [1 page, 508] | Hindi [1 page, 508]

Medicine bottle with a syringe laying on it, and images depicting how to avoid spreading mumps.

Infographic: Protect Yourself Against Mumps
This infographic depicts the symptoms of mumps and steps you can take to protect yourself.
Spanish [1 page, 508] | Hindi [1 MB, 1 page, 508]

Sad chipmunk with puffy cheeks taking a selfie.

Web graphic: Mumps Can Really Ruin a Selfie
This graphic depicts the most common symptom of mumps.


Questions and answers factsheet about mumps.

Mumps: Questions and Answers [4 pages]
Ready-to-print version of one of the CDC-reviewed Q&A materials located on Immunization Action Coalition’s website.