Learn about mumps using a variety of media.

video on mumps by Dr. Cristina Cardemil, MD

Would You Recognize Mumps?

CDC Expert Commentary: Would You Recognize Mumps?
CDC’s Dr. Cristina Cardemil, MD, describes how to recognize, diagnose, and prevent mumps.


Adults Get Mumps Too! Infographic.

Infographic: Adults Get Mumps Too!
This infographic depicts how adults can protect themselves against mumps.
Spanish [1 page, 508] | Hindi [1 page, 508]

Infographic: Protect yourself against mumps

Infographic: Protect Yourself Against Mumps
This infographic depicts the symptoms of mumps and steps you can take to protect yourself.
Spanish [1 page, 508] | Hindi [1 MB, 1 page, 508]

Mumps web graphic: Mumps can really ruin a selfie

Web graphic: Mumps Can Really Ruin a Selfie
This graphic depicts the most common symptom of mumps.


Questions and Answers on Mumps from IAC

Mumps: Questions and Answer [4 pages]
Ready-to-print version of one of the CDC-reviewed Q&A materials located on Immunization Action Coalition’s website.