Adults Get Mumps Too!

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Adults Get Mumps Too! Infographic.

Adults Get Mumps Too!

And Complications Are More Common

[Illustration of adults with mumps]

Protect Yourself Against Mumps

MMR Vaccination 

The Best Way to Protect Against Mumps

  • Talk to your doctor if you did not get at least 1 dose of MMR or are not sure if you were vaccinated as a child.
  • If cases of mumps are reported in your area, you may need another dose of MMR. Public health officials will tell you if it is recommended that you get another dose.

Mumps Can Be Serious

Mumps can cause complications, including swelling of the testicles and ovaries. Some people who got vaccinated may still get mumps, but the symptoms are less severe.

What is Mumps?

Mumps is a disease best known for puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw.

If you have symptoms of mumps, call your doctor and stay away from others for 5 days.

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