Mosquito Control in a Community

Local governments and mosquito control programs often use integrated mosquito management (IMM), also called integrated pest management or integrated vector management.

IMM uses a combination of methods to control mosquitoes based on an understanding of mosquito biology and the mosquito life cycle. IMM uses methods that, when followed correctly, are safe and scientifically proven to reduce numbers of mosquitoes. Everyone can help control mosquitoes.

  • Professionals from local government departments or mosquito control districts develop mosquito control plans, perform tasks to control larvae, pupae, and adult mosquitoes, and evaluate how well mosquito control programs are working.
  • You, your neighbors, and your community can also take steps to reduce mosquitoes in and around your home and in your neighborhood.
How can I report a mosquito problem?

If you notice a high population of mosquitoes in your area, call your

  • Local or state health department, or
  • Local mosquito control district

You can contact your local mosquito control board or health department if you have concerns about standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Mosquitoes lay eggs in places like:

  • Neglected swimming pools
  • Trash
  • Discarded tires
  • Drainage ditches with standing water

Check online for contact information.