What You Need to Know About Adulticides

Spraying adulticide outdoors

An adulticide is a type of insecticide used to kill adult mosquitoes. Adulticides may be applied by a mosquito control program, a licensed pest control professional, or as a do-it-yourself application. Adulticides can be used outdoors. Some adulticides kill adult mosquitoes immediately and some continue to kill mosquitoes over longer periods of time. When used according to product label instructions, adulticides do not harm people, pets, or the environment.

Select an adulticide

Mosquito adulticides come in different forms:

  • Coils
  • Foggers
  • Yard sprays or aerosols

Apply adulticides where mosquitoes rest

Outdoors, mosquitoes rest under plants, in dense brush or tall grasses, and on the undersides of leaves on trees and bushes. They can also rest under the eaves on buildings, under decks and porches, and in moist, shady areas.

When using adulticides

  • Always follow the product label instructions.
  • Do not apply more product than recommended or reapply more often than stated on product label instructions.
  • Do not apply outside directly to fruits and vegetables in your garden or inside near food.
  • Do not apply to plants in bloom or to plants that bees, butterflies, and other pollinators visit.
  • Keep people and pets out of the area you treat until the product has dried, usually about an hour. Remember to follow label instructions.

Prefer to hire a pest control professional?

Hire a pest control professional to treat your yard and outdoor areas. The National Pest Management Association offers tips on finding a pest control professionalexternal icon.

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