About Maternal Mortality Review Committees

What to know

Maternal mortality review committees (MMRCs) are multidisciplinary groups that convene at the state or local level to comprehensively review deaths that occur during or within 1 year of the end of pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works with MMRCs to improve review processes that inform recommendations for preventing future deaths.

Puzzle pieces showing the types of records reviewed by MMRCs.

MMRCs 101

Understanding the MMRC process

Learn about the terminology of maternal mortality.

Watch the video below for more information on the steps to establish an MMRC.

Have you ever wondered what happens during an MMRC meeting? A group of experts agreed to share their insights and participate in a fictitious review. Watch this video to gain more insight into how a committee reaches consensus on these important points.

Watch the video below to see an MMRC in action.

After discussion, committees must answer a series of questions to complete the Committee Decisions Form. Watch the video below to gain insight into how a committee reaches consensus on these important points.

MMRC logic model

While MMRCs differ from state to state, a logic model is available to guide the work. This model is designed to represent the general inputs, activities, and outcomes of an ideal, fully functional MMRC. The logic model can serve as a starting point and is adaptable to the context of individual MMRCs.

MMRC Logic Model‎

The logic model is adaptable to the context of individual state- or city-based MMRCs.

MMRC materials and resources

Guides and Tools‎

Helpful guides and tools to support standard review processes for MMRCs and overcome challenges faced at individual steps of the review process.

Reports and Articles‎

Find current and past reports and articles related to preventing maternal morbidity and mortality.