STEPS to Care: Working with Clients in the Field

Working with clients in the field helps STEPS to Care staff to build trust, understanding, and rapport with clients for more effective and meaningful relationships and ultimately better adherence and retention in care. STEPS staff members who work in the field need to be equipped with practical skills and resources to protect both themselves and their clients.

Field Safety

Visiting client homes and meeting clients in other offsite locations is a key strength of STEPS to Care. It allows Patient Navigators and Care Coordinators to build deeper relationships and trust with clients to foster more effective and holistic client care. However, working in the field also carries safety risks that staff need to understand and be prepared for.

Each agency should have a field safety and emergency protocol that details what staff should prepare before field visits, things that they should look out for during field visits, a code word to use to indicate a possibly hazardous situation, and clear guidance on what to do in the event of a hazardous situation. For more information about recommended field safety and emergency protocols, visit the Establishing Policies and Protocols topic page. Be sure to check with your supervisor to understand the specific protocol for your agency.