Get Hear Her on Your Website: Microsites and Content Syndication

Do you want your website visitors to have direct access to CDC’s Hear Her information from your website? If so, our microsites or our syndicated web pages are for you!

Get the Embed Code!

Visit CDC’s Public Health Media Library to customize your site and grab the embed code.

Get the Hear Her microsite in English and Spanish.

What Is a Microsite?

A microsite is a dynamic collection of resources that can be syndicated onto your website, and best of all, maintained by CDC. As CDC updates the materials you have syndicated, content will automatically be updated on your site. A microsite can be easily added to your site with a few simple lines of code, available in CDC’s Public Health Media Library.

What is Content Syndication?

CDC offers content syndication, which allows you to put content from the CDC website on your Intranet and Internet websites for free. No more copying and pasting text or broken links because content syndication does all the work for you.

content syndication collage illustrating how syndicated content displays within your web sites and applications

Get Content

Images, infographics, and web pages are available for use on your website for free from the CDC Public Health Media Library.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Integrating CDC content with your content keeps visitors on your website, requires little to no maintenance, and is completely free. All you have to do is add a small amount of code on your page, and the content will automatically update whenever we update our web site.