Hear Her® Campaign Resources for Health Care Professionals

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Health care professionals play a vital role in preventing pregnancy-related complications. The Hear Her® campaign has developed resources for health care professionals who interact with pregnant and postpartum people.


Maternal mortality is a concerning public health problem in the United States. Too many people die every year due to pregnancy-related complications. Although rare, these deaths are particularly tragic because over 80% are preventable.

One part of the solution is to really hear women’s concerns during and after pregnancy and engage in an open conversation to make sure any issues are adequately addressed.



Hear from experts on improving maternal health and preventing pregnancy-related deaths.

Posters and Handouts

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Hear Her Campaign Resources for Patients and Families

Download, print, or order Hear Her resources for your pregnant and postpartum patients and their support people.

Campaign Resources for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

Download, print, or order Hear Her resources for American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

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To order 5 x 7 palm cards or 11 × 17 posters: Visit CDC-INFO on Demand - Publications or call 1-800-CDC-INFO and they will assist you with your order.