Additional Requirement – 20: Conference Support

The purpose of conference support funding is to provide PARTIAL support for specific nonfederal conferences in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention information/education programs. Because conference support by CDC creates the appearance of CDC co-sponsorship, there will be active participation by CDC in the development and approval of those portions of the agenda supported by CDC funds. CDC funds will not be expended for non-approved portions of meetings. In addition, CDC will reserve the right to approve or reject the content of the full agenda, press events, promotional materials (including press releases), speaker selection, and site selection. Contingency awards will be made allowing usage of only 10% of the total amount to be awarded until a final full agenda is approved by CDC. This 10% portion will provide funds to support costs associated with preparation of the agenda. The remainder of funds will be released only upon approval of the final full agenda. CDC reserves the right to terminate co-sponsorship if it does not concur with the final agenda.

Any conference sponsored by CDC or ATSDR shall be held in facilities that are fully accessible to the public as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Accessibility as per ADAAG also addresses accommodations for persons with sensory impairments.

The conference organizer(s) may use CDC’s name only in factual publicity for the conference, and they should understand that CDC involvement in the conference does not necessarily indicate support for the organizer’s general policies, activities, products, or service. logo
Page last reviewed: June 29, 2021