CDC Global Immunization Strategic Framework

Updated April 20, 2023

A World of Healthy People Who are Protected from Vaccine-Preventable Disease, Disability, and Death

The CDC Global Immunization Strategic Framework 2021–2030 (CDC GISF 2021-2030) is a roadmap toward:

  • Achieving a world where everyone, everywhere is protected from vaccine-preventable disease (VPD), disability, and death
  • Providing scientific and programmatic leadership to end VPD threats

Progress toward that vision is structured around five capacity-building Goals, and implemented using four guiding principles, to achieve health impact objectives.

Three Goals are core immunization program capacities that CDC seeks to strengthen:

  • Prevent VPDs by strengthening immunization services
  • Detect VPDs by supporting and improving disease surveillance systems
  • Respond to and prepare for VPD outbreaks

Two Goals are cross-cutting capacities:

  • Sustain immunization program capacities over time
  • Innovate to increase immunization program impact through research and evaluation
CDC GISF 2021-2030 Goals and Principles

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Guiding Principles inform how CDC will work to achieve the greatest impact:

  • Data-Guided policy and programmatic decision-making
  • Integrated approach to promote linkages between disease-specific and health systems strengthening initiatives
  • Partnership-Based alliances apply the strengths of each organization synergistically
  • Focused Investment that uses strategic information to efficiently allocate resources for impact


Having joined CDC during the domestic and global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, I am reminded every day of the lifesaving value of vaccines and the importance of building and maintaining strong immunization programs around the world. CDC’s Global Immunization Strategic Framework 2021–2030 updates the agency’s global immunization strategy and highlights CDC’s unique contributions to realizing a safer, more secure world. The strategy recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to our shared environment. Our emphasis on protecting people and their livelihoods from vaccine-preventable, infectious diseases could not be more critical or more urgent.

Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, CDC Director


Health Impact Objectives target a living list of diseases for immunization program engagement to:

  • Advance the development of new and/or improved vaccines for diseases that are high burden or have epidemic potential
  • Control diseases to reduce morbidity and mortality to locally acceptable levels
  • Eliminate transmission of diseases in defined geographic areas and eliminate diseases as a public health problem
  • Eradicate diseases by stopping all transmission worldwide
CDC GISF 2021-2030 Immunization Program Impact Continuum

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A Worldwide Alliance Working for Healthier People

CDC GISF 2021-2030 facilitates the efficient coordination of immunization efforts across the CDC and among its international partners by defining the agency’s role within a global network of public health and development organizations. CDC increases the capacity and performance of immunization programs at every level, from local to global, using its comparative advantage, which is grounded in its long-standing epidemiological, laboratory, and programmatic expertise related to VPDs, for maximum impact. The overarching strategies of CDC and its key partners align with and support one another to advance global immunization progress and support the ownership of national immunization programs by country governments.