Health Observances

Updated September 29, 2023

CDC and partners celebrate health observances each year to honor those working in every corner of the globe to improve vaccine equity and highlight global progress toward a world of healthy people who are protected from vaccine-preventable disease, disability, and death.

Over 30 million newborns in Africa are not protected with a timely hepatitis B birth dose vaccine.
(July 28)

On July 28th each year, we join partners to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, which impacts more than 296 million people worldwide.

World Immunization Week #VaccinesWork ; a baby in the Philippines awaits polio vaccination”
(last week in April)

The Big Catch-Up, 2023’s theme, spotlights the urgent need to find and vaccinate children who missed vaccines that help to protect them from illness and death.

A man holds an infant while sitting an a carpet while another man squeezes drops of oral polio vaccine into the baby's mouth.
(October 24)

The world has achieved a 99.9% reduction in wild poliovirus transmission and elimination in 5 of 6 WHO regions, yet persistent challenges remain to end all forms of polio.

More Observances

  • Vaccination Week in the Americas
    Every year as part of WIW, more than 40 countries and territories in the Americas come together to raise awareness about the importance of immunization and reach communities with life-saving vaccines.