Joint External Evaluation

Country progress with independent Global Health Security Agenda and Joint External Evaluation Assessments through 2018. JEE completed: n=33; JEE planned: n=32; GHSA Assessments completed: n=6

In 2016, DGHP worked closely with CDC colleagues, partners from World Health Organization and other international organizations to develop and roll out the International Health Regulations (2005) Joint External Evaluation (JEE). The JEE, a multi-sectoral external assessment of country-level health security capacity, is based on the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) external assessment, but has been expanded to cover 19 technical lanes with One Health collaboration.

Completing a JEE makes it easier for countries to identify abilities and limitations within their health system using a One Health approach. A JEE also helps countries prioritize opportunities for capacity development in disease prevention, detection, and response. A comprehensive JEE informs a country’s roadmap, guiding allocation of national resources and engagement of current and prospective donors and partners to effectively target resources. Additionally, it summarizes the level of system development in scoring of key agreed upon aspects of global health security development and act as a baseline to help track progress. The JEE Progress to Date map shows the number of completed and planned JEEs as of 2016.