Field Epidemiology Training Program: Noncommunicable Disease COVID 19 Toolkit

COVID-19 studies around the world have shown that people living with NCDs have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19, and interruptions in healthcare have worsened the problem.

Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) around the world are responding to COVID-19 on the frontlines but need tools and training to specifically address NCDs. To encourage and support the involvement of FETPs in the fight against NCDs in the midst of the pandemic response, CDC and RTI International have developed the FETP: NCD COVID-19 Toolkit.

The toolkit will help FETP trainees increase knowledge of the impact of infectious diseases and NCDs. Trainees will also develop the skills needed to integrate NCD investigation into COVID-19 response duties while reinforcing best practices for infectious disease control.

Toolkit Content

    1. FETP-Intermediate Case Study: Investigating a Post-Pandemic Ischemic Stroke Surge at Capital City Hospital – Collecting, Reviewing, Interpreting, and Summarizing Data on Stroke and Associated Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors [ZIP – 19 MB]
      • Part A – Investigating Stroke Cases
      • Part B – Investigating Risk Factors
    2. FETP-Advanced Case Study: An Epidemiological Study to Examine Stroke Hospitalizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Planning and Conducting Analysis [ZIP – 29 MB]
      • Part A – Study Design
      • Part B – Performing Analyses

Access the toolkit resources for more information.