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Global health protection is about more than one country, one issue, or one pathogen. Many factors affect our health security, like infectious diseases, humanitarian crises, and the growing burden of noncommunicable diseases. No matter what the cause, the Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP) and its partners across CDC and the globe are working to protect health and save lives.

New Research: Global Outbreaks Pose Threat to U.S. Markets and Jobs

Two CDC articles examine how the next global disease outbreak could harm the U.S. export economy and threaten American jobs – even if the disease never reaches our shores.

Learn why global health security is critical to America’s workers:
Relevance of Global Health Security to the US Export Economy

See how an epidemic in Asia could put more than a million U.S. jobs at risk: Impact of a Hypothetical Infectious Disease Outbreak on U.S. Exports and Export-Based Jobs

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boy in front of CDC surveillance truck during Ebola outbreak

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International Health Regulations

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International Health Regulations infographic showing requirements

IHR: Protecting People Every Day


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Field investigation of an outbreak affecting schoolchildren in Kajana Village, Tanzania, 2017

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