CDC Kenya Annual Report

CDC Kenya Annual Report 2018

2019 marks CDC’s 40th anniversary in Kenya. Over the last four decades, CDC in Kenya has helped strengthen public health and laboratory systems, creating an integrated research and program center. This model ties together multiple program areas, leveraging technical skills and a strong partnership with the Government of Kenya to build sustainable public health capacity. CDC Kenya saves lives by conducting research on the effectiveness of new interventions and by preventing disease, reducing death and disability, and implementing evidence-based public health programs.

As we look back over 40 years, we also look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality research that tackles Kenya’s changing health challenges while making an important contribution to fulfilling the global sustainable development goals. Our impact is felt not only in health facilities but also in the communities across Kenya and involves studies of new approaches to prevention and treatment, including new drugs and vaccines. This work has had a direct input to many policies for the management and prevention of infectious diseases. Our focus continues to evolve as Kenya goes through an epidemiological transition, with falling childhood mortality and growing prominence of non-communicable diseases.