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  • CFA is focused on delivering impactful public health insights through cutting-edge analytics, especially for those on the frontlines of responses.
  • Join CFA's community by sharing ideas, questions, and expertise to collaborate on improving public health forecasting and outbreak preparedness.
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We are building a team within CFA dedicated to engaging and serving our partners. Please use this form to share your ideas for CFA, ask us general questions, share public health successes, seek input on modeling or forecasting approaches, or seek connections within the forecasting community.

CFA knows public health action primarily happens at the state, tribal, local, and territorial (STLT) levels. To achieve our mission of harnessing cutting-edge analytics to improve response to public health emergencies, we're working to make CFA's work valuable, especially to our STLT partners.

While we try to respond within two business days, more complex inquiries may take more time.

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