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1918 Commemoration Resources for Partners

1918 Commemoration Resources for Partners

In 1918, a new influenza virus emerged to cause a pandemic that in a two-year period about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus and at least 50 million people worldwide died – the greatest influenza mortality in recorded history.  100 years later, CDC remembers the 1918 influenza pandemic and the many public health advances since that time, such as improved understanding of influenza viruses, advancements in influenza vaccines, treatments, and preparedness planning and response.

CDC will commemorate the 1918 pandemic with a series of events, exhibits and activities in remembrance of the pandemic and to mark the progress that has been made in pandemic preparedness and response. This digital toolkit includes details on events/activities, sample social media and newsletter content, graphics, and web assets.  All material below are available to download and share.

Commemoration Dates & Events

  • May 7, 2018 — 100 years of Influenza Pandemics and Practice: 1918-2018: The Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is hosting a one-day symposium on May 7th from 8:30am-5:30pm at the Rollins School of Public Health Auditorium. In the context of the centenary of the 1918 influenza pandemic, experts from academia and government will convene to discuss and debate current pandemic influenza threats, and the future of pandemic preparedness and influenza prevention and control. Sign up here!
  • May 15-18, 2018 —National Immunization Conference and National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit : The 2018 National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit will be held on May 15-18, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting will include a session on the 1918 commemoration as well as other presentations and associated activities, including the posters exhibited on the topics of influenza and adult immunizations.
  • May 18, 2018 —Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. will open a new exhibit called Outbreaks. Outbreak will examine the ways infectious diseases reveal an intricate network between humans, animals, their environments, and microbes—why infectious diseases emerge where they do, how they spill over from animals to people, why they spread so quickly, and where to look for the next one. Learn more:
  • September 12-14, 2018 —Federal pandemic influenza exercise: CDC will conduct a Pandemic Influenza Functional Exercise in response to a fictional flu pandemic scenario with federal, state and local, and non-governmental partners. The purpose of the exercise is to address strengths and opportunities, ensuring CDC is better prepared for future challenges.
  • September 2018—National Preparedness Month: Throughout September, CDC and more than 3000 organizations—national, regional, and local governments, as well as private and public organizations—will support emergency preparedness efforts and encourage Americans to take action.  This year, CDC will focus on pandemic flu preparedness and CDC’s role in a pandemic emergency.

1918 Pandemic Partner Webinar: Commemorating 100 Years

Graphic: 1918 Pandemic Flu Partner Webinar

This webinar discusses the significance of the historic 1918 flu pandemic, highlight achievements made over the last 100 years to detect, prevent and respond to pandemic influenza, and discuss future opportunities to improve our pandemic influenza preparedness.  Also provided are details on some special events being planned to commemorate this historic event, and share ideas and resources for your involvement.


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1918 Pandemic Commemoration 100 Years

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1918 Pandemic Commemoration 100 Years

Seasonal Flu vs. Pandemic Flu Infographic

Seasonal Flu vs. Pandemic Flu

Influenza is one of the world’s greatest infectious disease challenges. But did you know that seasonal flu and pandemic flu are not the same?