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Podcasts and Webinars
Division Tool/Description
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Webcasts & Webinars |
Short 20-minute presentations on evaluation basics and hot topics,  designed to help you obtain an understanding of evaluation, from how to write an evaluation plan, to deciding which evaluation technique to use, to developing a logic model, and much more.
Office of Smoking Health Surveillance and Evaluation Net-conference series 
Provides information on evaluation practices and describes the role of evaluation in tobacco control work.
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination TB Program Evaluation Handbook
Introduction to program evaluation that has been tailored for
staff of US state and local TB programs. Designed to take a person with little or no knowledge or skills in evaluation through the process with TB-specific examples.
Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects Practical Evaluation Using the CDC Evaluation Framework—A Webinar Series for Asthma and Other Public Health Programs 
Provides insights on program evaluation basics in a five part webinar series.
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