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Division Tool/Description
Division of Oral Health (DOH) Environmental Assessment Tool
Helps assess the environmental factors impacting an oral sealant program.
Office of Smoking Health Tables of Surveys Brochure
Provides information on surveys supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Office on Smoking and Health.
DCH: CDC’s Healthy Communities Program Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities
Provides the science- and practice-based evidence to help public and community health professionals develop a sustainability plan and learn key sustainability approaches like policies, partnerships, organizational strategies, and communication plans.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Worksite Health ScoreCard
Assists employers in identifying gaps in their health promotion programs and prioritizing high-impact strategies for health promotion across various topics such as tobacco control, nutrition, physical activity, diabetes, as well as heart healthcare and management.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke: A county level mapping tool
See heart disease and stroke county-level map along with maps of social environmental conditions and health services for the entire United States or for a chosen state or territory.
Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) Steps in conducting a rapid evaluation
Describes DASH’s process for conducting rapid evaluations.
Immunization Services Division Immunization Program Evaluation (IPE)
IPE’s main evaluation site.  Also offers archived resources.
Immunization Services Division Evaluation and Capacity Review Tools
This page contains evaluation and capacity review tools for use by CDC international partners and collaborating countries participating in influenza surveillance, laboratory testing, and pandemic preparedness and response activities.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP) Evaluation Tips & Training | DHDSP | CDC
Brief (2 pages) on a particular topic related to evaluation.
Prevention Research Centers Program PRC Partnership Trust Tool (PTT)
Designed to engage PRCs’ academic, community, and public health practice partners in a dialogue about issues that foster and hinder trust. It allows partners to explore strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies for enhancing trust.
Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Program Operations Guidelines for STD Prevention.  Program evaluation.
Gives a brief description of program evaluation and describes how evaluation can be used to help reach program goals and objectives.
Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention STD Program Adaptation and Partner Engagement Resource Kit
Helps guide local health departments (LHDs) activities and meet local STD prevention and control needs in a changing landscape of healthcare.
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