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Program Management

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Program Management
Division Tool/Description
Division of Oral Health Infrastructure Development Tools (
Created for infrastructure development grantee use to aid in planning an informed course of action guided by the national program logic model and based on individual program needs and resources.
Division of Cancer Control and Prevention Workplans: A Program Management Tool 
Provides Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP) directors and staff with the knowledge and skills to help them use a systematic approach for developing and using workplans as a management tool for ensuring program success.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention A Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke
Helps in promoting achievement of national goals for preventing heart disease and stroke over the next two decades-through 2020 and beyond.
Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Syphilis Elimination Evidenced-based Action Plans (EBAPs)
Guides the collection of information on target populations, interventions provided, resources allocated, and outcomes to facilitate program assessment, improve effectiveness, and inform decisions about future program development and planning.
CDC’s Healthy Communities Program Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation (CHANGE)
A data-collection tool that provides community leaders with current strategies for local policy, systems, and environmental change and identifies areas for improvement.
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