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Indicators & Performance Measures

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Indicators and Performance Measures
Division Tool/Description
Prevention Research Centers (PRC) Program PRC Program indicators
Collects quantitative data that can be summarized across PRCs and over time, provides information on the program’s depth and scope.
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination National TB Indicators Project: Initial Indicators and Performance Targets
Highlights national TB program objectives that will directly assist TB control programs in their effort to evaluate their own performance.
Office of Smoking Health Key outcome indicators for evaluating comprehensive tobacco control programs (
Provides information on 120 key outcome indicators for evaluation of statewide comprehensive tobacco prevention and control programs. Indicators are organized by evidence-based logic models and detailed information is provided for each indicator.
Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Using Indicators for Program Planning and Evaluation – PDF Free Download (
Designed to assist stakeholders with program and evaluation planning for heart disease and stroke prevention activities as a guidance document.
Office of Smoking Health Introduction to program evaluation for comprehensive tobacco control programs (
Helps state tobacco control program managers and staff in the planning, design, implementation, and use of practical and comprehensive evaluations of tobacco control efforts.
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination The National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP)
Provides a summary of the NTIP, as a monitoring system for tracking the progress of U.S. tuberculosis (TB) control programs, toward achieving the national TB program objectives.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Indicator Spotlights:
Provides a list of potential indicators to explore for planning and evalu­ation purposes particular to heart disease and stroke prevention. Multiple indicators can be chosen as outcomes for logic models and measures for companion evaluation plans.
Health Care Practice Redesign
Health Care Extenders
Sodium Reduction
Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Practical Uses of Program Evaluation among Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Programs
Step-by-step guidance on how to design and implement a program evaluation using the CDC Evaluation Framework. Goal is to build the evaluation capacity of STD programs so that they can internally monitor their program activities, understand what is working or not working, and improve their efforts.
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