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Health Communication Tools
Division Tool/Description
Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs
Presents key principles and techniques to assist federal decision-makers and health risk communicators to improve their overall effectiveness in evaluating health risk messages and materials.
Division of Public Affairs (DPA), Office of the Associate Director for Communication (OADC) Social Marketing Resources: CDCSynergy Lite
Based on best practice in social marketing principles and will assist you in developing, implementing, and evaluating an effective social marketing plan.
Division of Cancer Control and Prevention Making Health Communication Programs Work: A Planner’s Guide
Guides readers through four stages in the health communication process: 1) planning and strategy development, 2) developing and pretesting concepts, messages, and materials, 3) implementing the program, and 4) assessing effectiveness and making refinements.
CDC’s Healthy Communities Program Social Media Toolkit
Designed to help you get started in social media by providing information for developing governance for social media, determining which channels will best meet your communication objectives, and helping you create a social media strategy.
CDC’s Healthy Communities Program Research to Practice: Building Our Understanding 
Focuses on health communication with various audiences and marketing practices to guide communities with the implementation of policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to support healthy lifestyles.
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