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Economic Evaluations and Tools

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Economic Evaluations and Tools
Division Tool/Description
Division of Environmental Health Science and Practice Learning and Growing through Evaluation: Asthma Program Evaluation Guide. Module 6: Economic Evaluation for Asthma Programs.
Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Costs of Chronic Diseases at the State Level: The Chronic Disease Cost Calculator (
Provides state-level estimates of medical expenditures and absenteeism costs for arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, depression and diabetes as a downloadable tool.
Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Five-Part Webcast on Economic Evaluation
Helps you understand the value of economic evaluation and how to incorporate these methods into your heart disease and stroke prevention programs or policy.
Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Healthy Communities: What Local Governments Can Do to Reduce and Prevent Obesity 
Provides a basic understanding of the prevalence, disease burden, and economic cost of the U.S. obesity epidemic and how local government can be a part of the solution.
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