Immunization Program Evaluation (IPE)

CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation
image for steps: engage stakeholders, describe the program, focus the evalutaion design, gather credible evidence, justify conclusions, ensure use and share lessons learned. Standards: utility, feasability, propriety, accuracy.

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The Immunization Program Evaluation (IPE) requirement was first implemented for all 64 immunization awardees in 2008. CDC’s goal for this requirement is to enable immunization awardees to improve their programs by systematically evaluating their program using CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation. Evaluations can provide awardees with the evidence needed to:

  • Manage programs more effectively and efficiently
  • Assess and improve existing activities
  • Plan and implement new activities
  • Understand reasons for performance
  • Demonstrate value
  • Ensure accountability

CDC Evaluation Resources

  • CDC’s Evaluation Framework Website
    This website guides public health professionals in program evaluation. It is a practical, non-prescriptive tool designed to summarize and organize essential elements of program evaluation. The steps and standards of this framework will provide an understanding of each program’s context and improve how program evaluations are conceived and conducted.