Example Materials: National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS)

NDVRS Original Page
NVDRS Original Example [194 KB]
Index score 89 or lower
NDVRS  Updated following the CC Index.
NVDRS Index-designed Example [700 KB]
Index score 90 or higher

Changes Made to the Original Material to Increase the Index Score

  • Emphasized the main message in large, purple font
  • Added a visual with a caption to support the main message
  • Placed the call to action in a blue box to highlight how public health department staff can use NVDRS data
  • Only used words that public health department staff are familiar with
  • Summarized the most important information in the first section of the material
  • Added a sentence about what authoritative sources don’t know to get a point on Item 11: “Right now, NVDRS data can’t be generalized to national trends because data from the current 18 states aren’t nationally representative.”
  • Explained the statistics on the first page