Example Materials: Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI)

HAI Original Page
HAI Original Example [985 KB]
Index score 89 or lower
HAI Updated following the CC Index.
HAI Index-designed Example [1 MB]
Index score 90 or higher

Changes Made to the Original Material to Increase the Index Score

  • Developed a main message and emphasized it using a call-out box at the top of the web page
  • Added an image with a caption to support the main message
  • Included icons to support the percentages of HAI reductions
  • Removed complex terms and numbers related to the standardized infection ratio (SIR)
  • Simplified the section “What is the standardized infection ratio?” and removed complex explanation on how to calculate it
  • Created a box for the calls to action that describes how to use the HAI report
  • Highlighted the risk of HAIs in a new section, “How serious are healthcare-associated infections?”
  • Cut text that didn’t support the main message