Resources for Health Care Providers

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Screening rates for colorectal cancer are low in many American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Direct mailing of a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) kit can address patient and structural barriers to screening. Our objective was to determine if such an evidence-based intervention could increase colorectal cancer screening among AI/AN populations.

Talk to someone: explore talking to patients about prostate cancer

In this interactive experience, you can practice helping patients make decisions about prostate cancer screening and treatment. You’ll learn a streamlined shared decision-making framework and get feedback on your approach.

Prediction, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer-associated Thrombosis

This webinar discusses the risk assessment tools used to identify patients at high risk for cancer-associated venous thromboembolism (VTE). It also discusses emerging data on biomarkers, guidelines for preventing VTE in cancer patients, and the best approaches to treat VTE in patients with an active malignancy.

Photo of Maureen Miller, MD, MPH

Dr. Maureen Miller talks about what happened when she seemed too busy screening patients for cancer to get screened herself.

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This tool is designed to help providers assess risk for early onset breast cancer (EOBC, breast cancer diagnosed in women before the age of 45) based on personal history, make appropriate referrals for follow-up care, and educate patients about risk reduction strategies.

Page last reviewed: September 1, 2020