Office of Safety, Security, and Asset Management (OSSAM)

Office of the Chief Operating Officer (C,A,J)
Office of Safety, Security and Asset Management (C,A,J,S)

Level 1: Office of the Director, (C,A,J,S,1)

  • Level 1.1: Office of Operations, (C,A,J,S,1,3)
  • Level 1.2: Office of Financial, Administrative and Information Services, (C,A,J,S,1,3,B)
  • Level 1.2: Office of Policy, Performance, and Communications, (C,A,J,S,1,3,C)
  • Level 1.1: Public Health Intelligence Office, (C,A,J,S,1,4)
  • Level 1.1: Quality and Sustainability Office, (C,A,J,S,1,5)

Level 2: Asset Management Services Office, (C,A,J,S,B)

  • Level 2.1: Leased Property Management Services, (C,A,J,S,B,1,2)
  • Level 3: Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations Services Office, (C,A,J,S,B,B)
  • Level 3: Projects and Construction Management Services Office, (C,A,J,S,B,C)
  • Level 3: Logistics Management Services Office, (C,A,J,S,B,D)
  • Level 3: Design, Engineering, and Management Services Office, (C,A,J,S,B,E)

Level 2: Occupational Health and Safety Office, (C,A,J,S,C)

  • Level 3: Quality and Compliance Branch, (C,A,J,S,C,B)
  • Level 3: Industrial Hygiene and Safety Branch, (C,A,J,S,C,C)
  • Level 3: Occupational Health Clinic, (C,A,J,S,C,D)

Level 2: WorkLife Wellness Office, (C,A,J,S,D)

Level 2: Security Services Office, (C,A,J,S,E)

  • Level 3: Physical Security Laboratory and Technical Branch, (C,A,J,S,E,B)
  • Level 3: Physical Security Operations Branch, (C,A,J,S,E,C)
  • Level 3: Personnel Security Branch, (C,A,J,S E,D)
  • Level 3: Internal Emergency Management Branch, (C,A,J,S E,E)

Level 2: Transportations Services Office, (C,A,J,S,G)

Approved 09/21/2016

Page last reviewed: August 30, 2019