Office of Safety, Security, and Asset Management (OSSAM)

Department Of Health And Human Services
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

Office Of The Chief Of Operating Officer

Office Of Safety, Security, And Management

Level 1: Office of the Director

Level 2: Asset Management Services Office

  • Level 2.1: Leased Property Management Services
  • Level 3: Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations Services Office
  • Level 3: Projects and Construction Management Services Office
  • Level 3: Design Support Services Office

Level 2: Occupational Health and Safety Office

  • Level 3: Quality and Compliance Branch
  • Level 3: Industrial Hygiene and Safety Branch

Level 2: Worklife Wellness Office

Level 2: Security Services Office

  • Level 3: Physical Security Operations Branch
  • Level 3: Personnel Security Branch
  • Level 3: Internal Emergency Management Branch

Level 2: Logistics and Property Management Services Office

Level 2: Public Health Intelligence Office

Level 2: Occupational Health Clinic

Approved 07/27/2020; Effective 11/6/2020