National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Deputy Director for Non-Infectious Diseases, (C,U)
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, (C,U,H)

Level 1: Office of the Director, (C,U,H,1)

  • Level 2, Office of Policy, and Partnerships, (C, U, H, 1, 2)
  • Level 2, Office of Program Management and Operations, (C, U, H, 1, 3)
  • Level 2, Office of Communication, (C, U, H, 1, 4)
  • Level 2, Office of Science, (C, U, H, 1, 7)
  • Level 2, Office of Strategy and Innovation, (C, U, H, 1, 8)

Level 2: Division of Violence Prevention, (C,U,H,C)

  • Level 3, Surveillance Branch, (C, U, H, C, B)
  • Level 3, Research and Evaluations Branch, (C, U, H, C, C)
  • Level 3, Prevention Practice and Translation Branch, (C, U, H, C, D)
  • Level 3, Field Epidemiology and Prevention Branch, (C, U, H, C, E)

Level 2, Division of Injury Prevention, (C, U, H, F)

  • Level 3, Applied Science Branch, (C, U, H, F, B)
  • Level 3, Program Implementation and Evaluation Branch, (C, U, H, F, C)
  • Level 3, Data Analytics Branch, (C, U, H, F, D)

Level 2: Division of Overdose Prevention, (C, U, H, G)

  • Level 3, Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch, (C, U, H, G, B)
  • Level 3, Health Systems and Research Branch, (C, U, H, G, C)
  • Level 3, Prevention Programs and Evaluation Branch, (C, U, H, G, D)

Approved 7/1/2019
Effective 7/16/2019

Page last reviewed: October 31, 2019