NCBDDD Organization Chart

Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Deputy Director for Non-Infectious Diseases, (C,U)
National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, (C,U,B)

Level 1: Office of the Director, (C,U,B,1)

  • Level 1.2: Resource Management Office, (C,U,B,1,2)

Level 2, Division of Birth Defects and Infant Disorders, (C,U,B,B)

  • Level 3: Birth Defects Monitoring and Research Branch, (C,U,B,B,B)
  • Level 3: Infant Outcomes Monitoring, Research and Prevention Branch, (C,U,B,B,C)

Level 2: Division of Human Development and Disability, (C,U,B,C)

  • Level 3: Child Development and Disability Branch, (C,U,B,C,B)
  • Level 3: Disability and Health Promotion Branch, (C,U,B,C,C)

Level 2: Division of Blood Disorders, (C,U,B,D)

  • Level 3: Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch, (C,U,B,D,B)
  • Level 3: Hemostasis Laboratory Branch, (C,U,B,D,C)

Approved 7/9/2019; Effective 7/24/2019

Page last reviewed: April 9, 2020