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Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a primary chemical name.


Gasoline* 8006-61-9 LX3300000 
Genetron® 12 75-71-8 PA8200000 
Genetron® 21 75-43-4 PA8400000 
Genetron® 22 75-45-6 PA6390000 
Genetron® 113 76-13-1 KJ4000000 
Genetron® 114 76-14-2 KI1101000 
Genetron® 115 76-15-3 KH7877500 
Germane 7782-65-2 LY4900000 
Germanium hydride 7782-65-2 LY4900000 
Germanium tetrahydride* 7782-65-2 LY4900000 
Germanomethane 7782-65-2 LY4900000 
Glacial acetic acid 64-19-7 AF1225000 
Glacial acrylic acid 79-10-7 AS4375000 
Glass fibers  LK3651000 
Glass wool  LK3651000 
Glutaraldehyde* 111-30-8 MA2450000 
Glutaric dialdehyde 111-30-8 MA2450000 
Glycerin (anhydrous) 56-81-5 MA8050000 
Glycerin (mist)* 56-81-5 MA8050000 
Glycerol 56-81-5 MA8050000 
Glycerol trichlorohydrin 96-18-4 TZ9275000 
Glyceryl trichlorohydrin 96-18-4 TZ9275000 
Glyceryl trinitrate 55-63-0 QX2100000 
Glycide 556-52-5 UB4375000 
Glycidol* 556-52-5 UB4375000 
Glycidyl allyl ether 106-92-3 RR0875000 
Glycidyl phenyl ether 122-60-1 TZ3675000 
Glycol 107-21-1 KW2975000 
Glycol alcohol 107-21-1 KW2975000 
Glycol dibromide 106-93-4 KH9275000 
Glycol dichloride 107-06-2 KI0525000 
Glycol dinitrate 628-96-6 KW5600000 
Glycolic nitrile 107-16-4 AM0350000 
Glycol monoethyl ether acetate 111-15-9 KK8225000 
Glycol monomethyl ether 109-86-4 KL5775000 
Glycol monomethyl ether acetate 110-49-6 KL5950000 
Glycolonitrile* 107-16-4 AM0350000 
Glyconitrile 107-16-4 AM0350000 
Glycyl alcohol 56-81-5 MA8050000 
Grain alcohol 64-17-5 KQ6300000 
Grain dust (oat, wheat, barley)*  MD7900000 
Granulated sugar 57-50-1 WN6500000 
Graphite (natural)* 7782-42-5 MD9659600 
Graphite (synthetic)* 7440-44-0 (synthetic) FF5250100 (synthetic) 
Gum camphor 76-22-2 EX1225000 
Gumspirits 8006-64-2 YO8400000 
Gum turpentine 8006-64-2 YO8400000 
Guthion® 86-50-0 TE1925000 
Gypsum* 13397-24-5 MG2360000 
Gypsum hemihydrate 26499-65-0 TP0700000 
Gypsum stone 13397-24-5 MG2360000 
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