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Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a primary chemical name.


IBA 78-83-1 NP9625000 
IGE 4016-14-2 TZ3500000 
2-Imidazolidine-2-thione 96-45-7 NI9625000 
2,2'-Iminodiethanol 111-42-2 KL2975000 
Impure corundum 1302-74-5 (corundum) GN0231000 (corundum) 
Indene* 95-13-6 NK8225000 
Indium* 7440-74-6 NL1050000 
Indium metal 7440-74-6 NL1050000 
Indonaphthene 95-13-6 NK8225000 
"Inert" dusts  
Iodine* 7553-56-2 NN1575000 
Iodine crystals 7553-56-2 NN1575000 
Iodoform* 75-47-8 PB7000000 
Iodomethane 74-88-4 PA9450000 
IPA 67-63-0 NT8050000 
N-IPA 768-52-5 BY4190000 
IPDI 4098-71-9 NQ9370000 
Iron carbonyl 13463-40-6 NO4900000 
Iron dicyclopentadienyl 102-54-5 LK0700000 
Iron(II) chloride  
Iron(III) chloride  
Iron(III) nitrate  
Iron oxide dust and fume (as Fe)* 1309-37-1 NO7400000 
NO7525000 (fume) 
Iron(III) oxide [Iron oxide dust and fume (as Fe)] 1309-37-1 NO7400000 
NO7525000 (fume) 
Iron(III)oxide [Rouge] 1309-37-1 NO7400000 
Iron oxide red 1309-37-1 NO7400000 
Iron pentacarbonyl (as Fe)* 13463-40-6 NO4900000 
Iron salts (soluble, as Fe)*  
Iron(II) sulfate  
Iron(III) sulfate  
Isoacetophorone 78-59-1 GW7700000 
Isoamyl acetate* 123-92-2 NS9800000 
Isoamyl alcohol (primary)* 123-51-3 EL5425000 
Isoamyl alcohol (secondary)* 6032-29-7 SA4900000 
Isoamyl methyl ketone 110-12-3 MP3850000 
Isobutane* 75-28-5 TZ4300000 
Isobutanol 78-83-1 NP9625000 
Isobutenyl methyl ketone 141-79-7 SB4200000 
Isobutyl acetate* 110-19-0 AI4025000 
Isobutyl alcohol* 78-83-1 NP9625000 
Isobutyl carbinol 123-51-3 EL5425000 
Isobutyl ester of acetic acid 110-19-0 AI4025000 
Isobutylmethylcarbinol 108-11-2 SA7350000 
Isobutyl methyl ketone 108-10-1 SA9275000 
Isobutyronitrile* 78-82-0 TZ4900000 
bis(4-Isocyanatocyclohexyl)methane 5124-30-1 NQ9250000 
3-Isocyanatomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexyl-isocyanate 4098-71-9 NQ9370000 
Isooctanol 26952-21-6 NS7700000 
Isooctyl alcohol* 26952-21-6 NS7700000 
Isopentyl acetate 123-92-2 NS9800000 
Isopentyl alcohol 123-51-3 EL5425000 
Isopentyl methyl ketone 110-12-3 MP3850000 
Isophorone* 78-59-1 GW7700000 
Isophorone diamine diisocyanate 4098-71-9 NQ9370000 
Isophorone diisocyanate* 4098-71-9 NQ9370000 
Isophthalodinitrile 626-17-5 CZ1900000 
Isoprene cyanide 126-98-7 UD1400000 
Isopropanol 67-63-0 NT8050000 
Isopropenyl benzene 98-83-9 WL5075300 
Isopropenylnitrile 126-98-7 UD1400000 
2-Isopropoxyethanol* 109-59-1 KL5075000 
Isopropoxymethyl oxirane 4016-14-2 TZ3500000 
o-Isopropoxyphenyl-N-methylcarbamate 114-26-1 FC3150000 
2-Isopropoxy propane 108-20-3 TZ5425000 
Isopropyl acetate* 108-21-4 AI4930000 
Isopropyl alcohol* 67-63-0 NT8050000 
Isopropylamine* 75-31-0 NT8400000 
Isopropylaniline 768-52-5 BY4190000 
N-Isopropylaniline* 768-52-5 BY4190000 
Isopropyl benzene 98-82-8 GR8575000 
Isopropylcarbinol 78-83-1 NP9625000 
Isopropyl Cellosolve® 109-59-1 KL5075000 
Isopropyl cyanide 78-82-0 TZ4900000 
Isopropyl ester of acetic acid 108-21-4 AI4930000 
Isopropyl ether* 108-20-3 TZ5425000 
Isopropyl glycidyl ether* 4016-14-2 TZ3500000 
Isopropyl glycol 109-59-1 KL5075000 
Isopropylideneacetone 141-79-7 SB4200000 
Isopropyl methyl ketone 563-80-4 EL9100000 
Isovalerone 108-83-8 MJ5775000 
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